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About Fibreshark Boats

About Fibreshark Boats

Fibreshark is a boat line of a Dutch company that designs, builds and distributes fiberglass boats for the semi-professional offshore market. Fibreshark has over 20 years of experience in building sport boats, workboats, catamarans and crew boats. All boats produced under de name of Fibreshark are built according to the latest CE regulations.

The Dutch craftsmanship at Fibreshark means that we only produce the highest quality vessels with excellent sailing characteristics. All boats are built with the necessary classifications, according to your specifications and will be delivered with accessories of the latest designs and engines.

Our extensive experience in boat building means that we can also build custom made boats, according to our client’s requests. Fibreshark offers the best designs and prices for companies in the yachting,navy, dredging, rescue, offshore market.

At Fibreshark we take pride in our products and provide you with everything you would need, including maintenance and repairs!
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